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Preguntas frecuentes - Lean Stocks

Frequent questions

How do I upload the machinery to the Lean Stocks platform?

To be able to upload machinery and start selling it is necessary to register.

Does registration cost?

It has no cost, it is free. 

How do I create a Lean Stocks account?

In order to register, you will need to provide the following information: Name of the contact person, company, contact telephone number and email.

Can I publish all the machinery or service I want?

Correct, but only related to the sector of machine tools, machining, turning, metal-mechanical transformation and the like.

What information can I post?

All related to machinery or service, as detailed as possible. Features and specifications, condition, year, service hours, etc.

In the machinery section it is totally forbidden to add company logos, company name, address or other information that reveals the identity of the person or company selling.

How does the interested company contact me?

Through internal chat. You can manage all the conversations within the private panel.

When can I provide the contact information?

In the machinery section, once an offer is received from the buyer or in any case, the negotiation is advanced and a personal or direct treatment is necessary to close the operation.

I need transport for the machinery, can you provide it to us?

Any company that needs some type of additional service such as transport, Lean Stocks is in charge of managing this process. Contact us.

Can I promote my machinery or service?

If you want to highlight your product, you can do so by selecting one or the 2 additional options for this purpose. One option is per week and one per month. More information in the registry or in the private panel.

How can I buy?

To be able to contact the selling company in order to buy the machinery or service, you must register and thus you can use the live chat to start the negotiation.

Does Lean Stocks interfere in the negotiation between both companies?

No, Lean Stocks is limited to offering the Marketplace for companies to contact through the chat enabled for it. Lean Stocks does not interfere in such trading.

If you have any questions about the platform or if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Lean Stocks team.